Sunday, April 29, 2007

Puppy Update 3

I went to see them last night. The longhaired one never stopped wagging her tail and she kissed me repeatedly. The shorthaired one was scared of everything and just shook and shivered. I put her on my chest up near my neck and just petted her and she got used to that. I hope she grows out of that. Dad came with me and he got to hold and pet them too. They are bigger than they were last week. The lady said she thinks she saw them trying to sneak some of the puppy chow out of the mom's food dish. I guess the lady mixes adult food with puppy chow when she wants to start getting the puppies to eating dog food.
Dad found another dog he wants. The woman had a 4 month old yorkie running around the living room. He was cute. He had a cute little bark, and he was all hair. You couldn't see his eyes, nose or mouth. Very friendly and very much wanting attention. He finally got up on the couch with us and squirmed all over dad nipping him and licking him all over.
The lady had a min pin who just had a baby Friday night. She showed us the baby and it was so tiny. She's got another min pin who's going to have babies at the end of next week. That dog got up on the couch between me and dad and dad spent a lot of time just petting her. She loved attention.

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